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We provide export finance and import trade finance solutions to help manage your cash flow more effectively and reduced risk.

Whether you need finance to assist your trade commitment, payment before goods are shipped, or simply need peace of mind when trading with someone that you have yet to establish a strong relationship with, our GCC Trade Finance Team can help.

GCC Trade Finance & Domestic Supply Finance

Purpose:Import Finance. Export Finance. Domestic Supply Finance
Type:True Line of Credit Facility (Once approved it is a revolving facility)
Facility Sizes:$50k – 500k (larger amounts up to $5M considered on merit)


  • ADDITIONAL Credit Line
  • No conflict with Current Bank Facilities
  • Cash Flow Friendly
  • Flexible Terms
  • Unsecured loans (no property or other assets used as security)
  • Non-Bank – Flexible approval terms
  • ATO liabilities OK subject to due diligence
  • Variable profitability OK
  • Less than 2 years trading OK with experience
  • Fast in house Approvals
  • Deal Direct with the lender
  • No Deposit required
  • Only pay for what you use

Why use GCC Trade Finance?

  • Available in Australian dollar and most major currencies
  • Manage currency fluctuation
  • Cash flow management
  • Ensure payments for your goods
  • Mitigate fraud

Sample use of Funds

Importer:Pre-approved Documentary Line of Credit
Exporter:Documentary Payment or Documentary Acceptance
Domestic:Ensure domestic delivery via a Documentary Line of Credit, Trade Bill or a combination of both

Case Study:

Our client provides energy solutions to major retailers and manufacturers throughout Australia.

The energy efficiency solutions that are offered to his customers are very successful. The success is such that that in most cases the investment required by the customer to implement the solution is recouped in energy savings within 12 months.

However the energy solution must be delivered before a customer can be invoiced. Part of the solution was equipping the customer with the appropriate energy efficient generators and lighting. The generators and lighting equipment had an order lead time of 60 days and needed to be imported from China.

GCC Trade Finance implemented a USD facility to initially finance the 30% deposit required to commence production and to provide the finance to pay the 70% balance so the goods could be shipped to Australia when completed.

Over time GCC Trade Finance worked with our client to improve the credit terms they received from their suppliers. Through our line of credit we were able to assist the client to forego the 30% deposit required to commence production and have the cost of his stock paid in full only once it was shipped and the required documentation presented.

Our client’s cash flow is now much improved and he can focus on maximising the national roll out of his business.

Facility Size: US$250,000
GCC Trade Solution:Import Trade Finance


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