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Cash Flow Finance is designed specifically to help you maximise your available cash. A key factor in the success of any business.

If for example a business sells goods and services to another business, it can typically take 90 days to get the full payment. How does a business pay salaries, pay for inventory and new orders?

Cash flow finance is the solution

Traditional lending products rely on property as security however cash flow finance takes your unpaid invoices and turns them into instant cash!

By borrowing against the outstanding value of your invoices, you won’t miss out on business opportunities that you otherwise may have which can help you achieve your business goals and targets.

Cash flow finance facilities allow you to raise capital from unpaid invoices owed to you.

Cash flow finance is the leveraging of the working capital assets of your business, namely debtors and inventory to help fund business growth or cash flow requirements.

If your money is tied up in debtors and stock, GCC can unlock the liquidity in your business and maximise the efficiency of your balance sheet by utilising the working capital assets within your business.

You may use this type of product if your business sells goods or services on credit terms and consequently has restricted liquidity, or if your business is expanding and is affected by seasonal trends.

The process is simple

When a Cash Flow Finance facility is in place all you do is invoice your client directly and upload the invoice at the same time. Within 24 hours you will typically receive 80% of the value of approved invoices, less fees. The remaining 20% will become available when the invoice is paid.

It is ideal for any growing businesses with trade receivables.

If you run a business that supplies your product or service to other businesses on standard trade credit terms, then we can help fund your growth.


  • As your business grows, the facility grows with it
  • An alternative option to the traditional overdraft that does not need bricks and mortar security
  • A stand alone facility that can sit alongside other business borrowings (such as term loans, leasing etc)
  • Helps grow your business and increase purchasing power through better financial management
  • No capital requirements required
  • Low cost
  • The option of full management of accounts receivables, letting you focus on your business and not chasing debts

Common scenarios where cash flow facilities are needed:

  • Rapid sales growth squeezing working capital
  • Management / Partner buy-out
  • New business start ups
  • Replacing or reducing debt secured by the family home
  • Labour intensive businesses where wages have to be met well ahead of payment receipts
  • Ownership changes and succession
  • Turnaround funding strategy

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