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A Novated Lease is a financial solution that is utilised by individuals for the sole purpose of purchasing a vehicle; whether it is new or used.  This type of finance is structured as a three-party agreement made between an employer, an employee and a finance provider.

Under this arrangement, one lease document is signed between an employer and a finance provider and another agreement signed between an employer and an employee. This structure helps by transferring the lease obligations to your employer while you are in their employment, which in turn can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

The running cost of the vehicle such as registration, fuel, tires, maintenance, car finance, and insurance are bundled in a single monthly payment that is taken out of your pre-tax income. Most employers make the lease payments for the employee, deducting them from their pre-tax income.

No deposit is needed and terms are flexible so you’re not locked in and can upgrade to a new vehicle as and when you want to.

Our experienced team at GCC Business Finance are here to assist and help you get started. There are many advantages you could benefit from when you novate your vehicle with GCC Business Finance, such as:

  • No GST on the purchase price, giving you extra $$ in your salary
  • Pay less income tax
  • Use your vehicle for both business and personal usage
  • Save every day by bundling costs
  • You are able to take your vehicle with you if changing jobs
  • Simple monthly repayment including maintenance and running costs
  • Flexible terms

GCC Business Finance provides Novated Leasing to employees who are willing to include the vehicle within their salary package and wish to enjoy the tax-effective benefits of doing so.  As a novated lease reduces your taxable income, you pay less tax and in turn increases your disposable income.The application process is simple and the approval time is fast.

If you are an employee and are interested in this opportunity then contact our GCC Business Finance team on 1300 011 311

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