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Your Vehicle Fleet Finance Partner

We are the industry leaders in facilitating auto fleet finance for small and large business. We know that different business have different requirements, so we have divided our fleet finance facilities into two broad options for owners of fleets of vehicles:

Maintained Fleet

With this type of vehicle fleet financing, all of the associated costs including maintenance, roadside assistance, service and lease payments are combined into one single monthly payment. This is the simplest financial financing method of owning and maintaining vehicle fleets and owners with both simple, efficient administration and peace of mind.

Benefits of Maintained Fleet Finance can include:

  • Removes all residual risk of vehicle maintenance costs and responsibility
  • Available for both new and second-hand vehicles
  • Fixed repayments make budgeting and financial planning easy
  • Personalised fleet management plans are provided by our expert finance team

Non-Maintained Fleet

If your business selects a non-maintained fleet facility, you only need to pay the lease payment, while no other service costs like maintenance are added on. You can keep management and administration control over maintenance and servicing cost of your fleet, with more cash available in comparison with obtaining maintained fleet finance.

The benefits of non-maintained fleet finance:

  • Maximising cash flow in your business
  • You are free to choose your favorite service centre
  • Available for both new and second-hand vehicles
  • Application process is simpler and requires minimal paperwork.

After its term has expired, GCC Business Finance provides a facility of either purchasing the vehicle, extending the vehicle lease, or upgrading to a new vehicle at the end of the lease.

If you have any questions related to the fleet finance facility provided by us, please contact our GCC Business Finance team on 1300 011 311.

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