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Low doc car loans – fast cash for your transport needs

Low doc Car Loans_by GCC Business Finance-

How easy do you think it will be to finance your next company car or related works vehicle? Are you a business in the market for car finance that’s finding it difficult to discover an appropriate product that’s going to work for you and your enterprise? In these circumstances and more, low doc car loans can often be a more suitable solution than going down the traditional route of asking the bank for a loan. Particularly if you want a car fast in order to keep your business running smoothly, or have been turned down for finance from other lenders, a low doc car loan could work well.

Keep your paperwork to a minimum

One of the major issues with using a bank for your loan application is the sheer amount of information you need to give for even a small loan to be considered. It’s not just the length of the application form, either! For many applications, a bank will require a full set of accounts. This isn’t a problem if you are an established business with a large turnover and an accountant available to deal with the matter, but can be a major challenge for a start-up or small business who normally has a simple method of keeping up with the book work. When you use a private lender, it’s usually the case that a simple statement of your income and expenditure will be enough for the lender to form an opinion regarding your suitability for a loan.

Frequently no need to submit a business plan

It’s not just submitting accounts which can be difficult for smaller businesses, giving the bank a copy of your business plan may also prove to be problematic. Many small businesses develop organically, with no clear idea of quite how they’re going to evolve over the next few years; in some cases, it can be virtually impossible to predict how successful a business will be until it’s up and running. This means that business owners don’t always have an up-to-date business plan to hand. Why waste time constructing one specifically to obtain finance for a vehicle? Low doc car loans can give you access to the cash you need for a new or used vehicle without a business plan being required.

Low doc car loans – a fast financing solution

If your business depends on access to a vehicle, it’s no use having to wait weeks or even months for your bank to come up with a decision regarding the success of your loan. A private lender can often make almost instant decisions, so you’ll know within days whether your application has been successful. We have access to one of the widest networks of lenders in the loan business. This enables us to offer more choices for our customers – even if you don’t have much of a financial track record (and many start-up businesses don’t) or have had financial difficulties in the past, we are often able to find you a lender who’s prepared to let you borrow the sum you need for a new car.

Turn to us for your low doc car loan

Our aim is always to offer our customers excellent value for money and a fast, responsive solution to their borrowing requirements. Usually a speedier, more flexible lending option than going through your bank or some other traditional lender, private lending can work really well for smaller enterprises or those with limited documentary evidence to back up their lending appeal. Over the years we have helped many businesses gain access to the finance they need. Why not let us help you?