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Top 6 non-bank financing methods for startups_By GCC Business Finance


Top 6 non-bank financing methods for startups

All startups need some sort of funding. Money is crucial in helping to get the business off the ground and to keep it running through the initial months where losses are to be expected. However, not everyone has suitable personal savings to plow into their idea, and not everyone wants to or can a...
Renewed focus on Australian transport infrastructure provides lucrative opportunities for real estate investors_by_GCC Business Finance-


Renewed focus on Australian transport infrastructure provides lucrative opportunities for real estate investors

Australian real estate investors are gearing up for a lucrative few years thanks to the country’s ongoing transport infrastructure boom. Over AUS$70 billion has been fed into projects that are ongoing or are in their nascent stages, with the aim of improving the efficiency of travel in Australia’...
Low doc Car Loans_by GCC Business Finance-


Low doc car loans – fast cash for your transport needs

How easy do you think it will be to finance your next company car or related works vehicle? Are you a business in the market for car finance that's finding it difficult to discover an appropriate product that's going to work for you and your enterprise? In these circumstances and more, low doc ca...
3 things you need to consider before buying a franchise_ by GCC Business Finance-


3 things you need to consider before buying a franchise

Dreaming of owning your own business can be quite overwhelming. From coming up with an idea, to developing a brand, to getting your operations off the ground... Sometimes it can seem like too much work and put you off starting in the first place. But, have you considered a franchise?A franchi...
Cash Flow Financing by Gcc Business Finance


A beginner’s guide to cash flow financing: is it right for you?

In recent years, cash flow financing has become a popular way for businesses to capitalise on opportunities and grow their businesses. However, it is not a suitable form of financing for all businesses and appeals more to those who are in a good period of growth and who can cover all outstanding ...
Small Business by GCC Business Finance-


5 steps to buy a small business the right way

Knowing how to buy a small business is a skill that should not be underestimated. Far too many people make a rash move to buy a company before doing proper due diligence and ensuring it is the right fit for them. So, if you're looking to invest in your first business, or even your second or third...
Cash Flow Finance by Gcc Business Finance


How cash flow finance gives businesses a competitive advantage?

In the world of business, there is one simple truth that always prevails: cash is king. Having good cash flow places your business in a strong position to succeed, where other similar businesses would quickly wither and fail. To help a business improve its financial situation, cash flow financing...
Why are data center sale-leaseback deals increasing by GCC Business Finance


Why are data center sale-leaseback deals increasing?

If you're involved with an enterprise company, you'll know what a prized position the data centre has held in the industry mindset for years. Often seen as a symbol of prestige, large data centres were once touted as the future.But now, they're not needed as much - and the rise in data centre...
Sales and Leaseback by GCC Business Finance


Why Sale and Leaseback can provide you with a cash boost

For business owners there is a constant tension between wanting to fund extra capacity in the business and needing to pay for ongoing operational requirements including salaries and materials.One powerful way to do this is through sale and leaseback finance. This allows business owners to sel...


The truth about cash flow- can your business handle it?

Whether you are starting out or your business has been established for many years, maintaining appropriate cash flow is a critical success factor. Here are some home truths when seeking business finance that once accepted will allow you to better understand and preserve you...

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