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In this day and age, for almost all businesses an investment in IT is critical to be successful and to stay competitive in rapidly-evolving marketplaces.

Working with the latest IT advances is all-important, however the costs of acquiring the best computers, technology, systems and software can be prohibitive for new and small-medium ventures. If you are running a business and looking for the best way to keep up to date with technology, Global Capital can help.

Software Finance

Clients are discovering the benefits of financing software and services, which is one of the IT financing industry’s fastest-growing sectors. We can also finance 100% of software costs, with minimal documentation required to approved customers.

We can finance 100% of software purchases including purpose-built databases and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Manage your data, increase customer engagement, take your business onto the cloud or mobile; and effectively manage key risk, security and compliance requirements.

Many finance organisations are unable to offer a specialised software facility and can only extend an overdraft, while we can organise finance for systems that involve software and intangibles. Talk to us about funding investments in short and long term projects and leveraging fixed payment terms to lower capital expenses.

Our IT and Computer finance provides your business with the opportunity to spread the cost of equipment over the complete useful life of its deployment, freeing up capital and making it IT investment affordable.

It is also flexible and can be structured in a way that suits you best.   We can provide finance such as a chattel mortgage, finance lease, commercial hire purchase or rental arrangement, at competitive rates that enable you to stay at the leading edge of your technology needs. Upgrade in the middle of your agreement term if you need to and stay competitive.

Our IT and Computer finance facilities are beneficial for schools, colleges and many large organisations or small and medium enterprises (SME) that have constantly changing and expanding requirements.

With industry-leading experience and networks, Global Capital can organise finance for just about all of your hardware, software and telecommunications, including:

  • Servers
  • Software (up to 100% of costs up to $500k)
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Photocopiers
  • Scanners
  • Routers
  • PABXs
  • VoIP equipment
  • Security & CCTV systems
  • Office equipment
  • Plus other technology products

We can facilitate a 24-hour approval and have funds available in 3 days!

Flexible payment options can include monthly, quarterly or annual payments, long terms and combined contracts across hardware, software and services.

If you would like to more information or want to discuss your specific IT finance requirements, please call us at no obligation on 1300 011 311

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