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What does Debtor Finance do?

Debtor Finance turns unpaid invoices or trade debtors into quick and efficient cash flow. Unlike traditional loans that use bricks and mortar as collateral security, debtor finance uses your unpaid invoices as security and turns up to 90% of your receivables in to cash.

Cash available increases as your sales increase.

Why choose GCC?

Our highly experienced Business Finance team can create personalised plans that are designed just for your business and its exact requirements. With Debtor Finance we can help by facilitating cash for up to 90% of your receivables within 24 hours. The final payment is made to you as soon as your customers or suppliers pay the invoices.

We structure for you tailor-made repayment schedules that focus on maintaining sustainable profit margins and growth for your business. Boost your cash flow and your business too.

We understand how vitally important cash flow is to the growth of a business. With our industry-leading experience in setting up a customised Debtor Finance solution for you, you can spend less time chasing payments and more time on the all-important fundamentals of building and growing your business.

The benefits of Debtor Finance include:

  • Immediate access to cash today instead of waiting for 30-90 days
  • More flexible than a bank overdraft
  • No property security is required
  • Funding limits increase in line with your sales, so as your business grows so does your finance facility
  • Improved cash flows will strengthen your bargaining and negotiating power
  • Keep your own cash free for investment in other key areas

Debtor finance’s other advantages include that you can leverage your own debtors in order to improve your cash flow and that unlike an overdraft, no real estate security is necessary. This type of finance can work in tandem with other loans or leases that you already have in place. Because it is self-liquidating, you do not need to take on any further debt.

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