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Working capital is the money needed to fund day to day operations of a business.

Working capital finance allows you to have enough cash to pay your operating expenses as they are due and avoid being caught up in a cash trap.

Many businesses have problems with cash flow and may need finance to help bridge a funding gap due to factors such as slow repayments from suppliers or clients, meeting increased business demands and other obligations that are falling due.

This facility can reduce the gap between cash coming into your business and cash that is going out. There are various different benefits Working Capital Finance can provide, including:

  • Quick approval
  • Fast cash
  • Improve your ‘buying power’ because you always pay on time
  • No restrictions on how to use the cash
  • Financial flexibility
  • Tailored to your individual business needs

Our team at GCC Business Finance has the ability to optimise the working capital cycle and help you to free up resources, in order to focus more efficiently and strategically on your business operations and growth.

The best way to effective money management is to be in control of every stage of your working capital cycle, staying on top of operating expenses and being able to take on more work and focus on growing your business.

If you are able to promptly change over your operations into accessible cash, you will be increasing the liquidity in your business and will be less dependent on money from clients, lengthy terms from suppliers, overdrafts and loan advances

Our team can tailor the financing solution that works alongside your existing funding arrangements, optimises the working capital cycle and helps you to free up resources at competitive rates.

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