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GCC Business Finance can arrange tailored business
asset and Equipment Finance solutions for any type of
asset class.

Equipment Finance Products:

Our equipment finance covers a full range of specialist financial products that fit your individual business needs. Talk to our expert team to discuss which product is right for your commercial equipment finance requirements obligation free.

Operating Lease / Rental:
With an Operating Lease transaction, this is not recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet. The risk of ownership rests with the lessor, with the lessee accordingly enjoying the benefits of using the asset without the responsibility of ownership.  An Operating Lease is essentially a rental, with the depreciation benefits accruing for the lessor

Finance Lease:
A Finance Lease is an agreement that covering most of the working lifespan of a business asset. The lease is based on the lessee guaranteeing the residual value of the leased asset at the end of its lease term.  The lessee bears the responsibility of ownership for that asset , with the value of goods shown on the lessee’s balance sheet, minus depreciation.

Commercial Hire Purchase:
We can help your business with Commercial Hire Purchase. With commercial equipment finance option, ownership of the goods rests with the lender, but gives the borrower the opportunity to purchase the asset with a balloon payment at the end of the finance term. As with a Finance Lease, the asset appears on the lessee’s balance sheet minus depreciation.

Chattel Mortgage:
A Chattel Mortgage is a similar arrangement to a hire purchase, but provides specific GST benefits. In certain circumstances, this can allow the entire GST proportion to be claimed in the first BAS period after purchase. A chattel mortgage loan structure can be customised in a similar way to a CHP or finance lease.

Revolving Credit Facility:
A revolving credit facility offers a no-obligation revolving credit line that may be renegotiated at any time. The revolving credit line is established to cater the needs of a customer over a time-frame of 6-12 months without the need for multiple application to be submitted.

Types of Equipment Finance: (including but not limited to)

  • Office Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Medical Equipment
  • Earth moving Equipment
  • Solar Equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Software
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Gaming
  • Water Filtration
  • Compressors & Generators
  • Commercial laundry
  • Forklifts & material handling
  • Retail systems
  • GPS systems
  • Printing equipment
  • Professional photography equipment
  • Printing Machinery
  • Golf Carts, Ride on mowers, Industrial sweepers, cleaning machines

For further information please call one of our loan consultants who can calculate payments using our equipment finance calculator.

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