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Low Doc Car Loans Sydney


Are you looking for a car loan? Have banks rejected your applications due to lack of essential documents? If so, do not lose heart as you can still get the car loan with low doc finance solutions provided by the team at Global Capital Business Finance in Sydney.

It goes without saying that one has to produce a cluster of documents to get a car loan approved. In case of self-employed or small-to-medium sized business owners, the situation goes bad to worse if they are unable to provide vital documents to prove their income. However low doc finance solutions provided by the GCC Business Finance Sydney team is the most favorable alternative.

So, what low doc is all about?

Primarily, low doc loan solutions are ideal for people seeking loans who do not have sufficient papers, such as tax returns or account details, to provide evidence of their financial position or income.

Who can receive benefit from it?

A Low Doc Car Loan solution from GCC Business Finance serves as an excellent way to secure car loans for ABN-holders and small-to-medium sized business owners who have been in business over one year and have a clear credit history. (Note if no directors are property owners then either a 20% cash deposit or equivalent trade may be required)

It does not involve a mountain of paperwork like the conventional loan setups. Our current rates are as competitive, if not cheaper, than most banks offerings with a simple, fast application process and which does not require you to produce your tax returns. Because the traditional methods call for extensive documentation which is nearly impossible to fulfill for a business owner who does have said documents and have not yet filed a tax return for the previous year.

How can we help you in securing a low doc car loan in Sydney?

With a widespread collection of lenders, Global Capital Business Finance helps you get a car loan in an easy and efficient manner. We strive to offer competitively priced low doc car loans to ABN holders and business owners. Along with this, we can refinance your existing facility up to $350,000 with instant approvals, and no financials required.

What benefits does our solution offer?

If you choose GCC Business Finance as your loan partner, we would never lag behind in providing personal friendly service. With GCC Business Finance, you will get loan advantages that cannot be surpassed, which include:

  • Simple application process (no need of tax returns-related documents)

  • Easy repayment arrangements

  • GST and other tax benefits

  • Balloon payments

  • Fixed interest rates From 3.99% pa (as at 01/09/2015, for current rates contact GCC)

Years of experience, knowledge of the market and collaboration with the reputed financial institutions have positioned as one of the trusted name for low doc car loans in Sydney.

If you would like to talk to our specialists about your specific needs contact our team directly at:1300 011 311


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