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Car Loans Sydney

Are you looking for economical car loans (commercial or personal) in Sydney? If the answer is ‘yes’, we, at GGC Business Group, are the one to contact. Since 2001, we have been offering the best car finance solutions.

With our secured car loan solutions, we help people get cars for personal and business purposes at a lower interest rate. Whether you need finance to buy a car or you wish to refinance an existing one, let our consultants know about your specific requirements right away.

Depending upon the provided information and your requirements, we provide you the best possible solutions of car loans through the following approaches:

Full Doc

This program is meant for borrowers who are capable enough to provide us information about serviceability along with detailed financial statement (for a minimum of two financial years).

Low Doc

This program primarily targets ABN holders who have rich trading experience (of at least 2 years) and who maintain a clear credit background. Qualifiers of this category need not provide financial or tax-return statements; plus, they will get loans at competitive interest rates, too.


Borrowers who may have had adverse credit history and are unable to secure a loan from traditional car loan lenders fall in this category. We analyse your requirements and the available loan options in the market to provide you the best possible assistance.

Why you should choose us?

Quick approvals

Our loan-acquiring process is a big hit because we can get quick loan approvals. The swiftness of loan approval is due to our well-structured activities. Our application process is quick and simple. Our consultants help you prepare your application to ensure the motor vehicle lenders get all the information that is needed for approval.

Access to multiple lenders

Owing to our trusted relationship with multiple financial institutes, we get the best deal that suits your requirement.

Low-interest rate

Offering loans at low-interest rates is what we are trusted for. Our commendable market knowledge and collaboration with numerous banking and other financial institutions help us get you the best possible interest rate available.

100% finance

We ensure 100% finance that requires no money down.

Easy repayment program

We help you analyse the repayment terms & conditions of the lender and assist you to figure out the most suitable repayment schedule fitting your budget and requirement.

If you would like to talk to our specialists about your specific needs contact our team directly on: 1300 011 311

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