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Have you been looking for competitively priced truck loan? Has your application denied by several banks? If you have nodded in agreement, then GCC Business Finance is glad to help you with multitude loan solutions.

At our end, we help you obtain truck loan and transport finance for new or used truck, trailer or commercial vehicle. Regardless of your credit rating or borrowing history, we offer bespoke truck funding solution that best fits your specifications, from leasing arrangement to purchasing a new one.

We have loan experts that are backed by vast experience in transport financing realm and know how to make things happen seamlessly. Along with this, our solutions help you save money over the long term. Our truck financing specialists can get your financed approved at competitive rates before you start shopping, so that you can negotiate with the dealer as a buyer.

Here are some features of our truck funding solution:

  • Structured loan schedule that factors in business or seasonal variances and fluctuations.
  • Availability of Balloon or residual payments structures that lower monthly payments.
  • Availability of long-term payment structures with fixed interest rate.

Solutions for truck finance in Perth that we offer are:

Operating Lease/Rental: Under this solution, transaction is not recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet. The risk of ownership rests with the lessor, and the lessee enjoys the benefits of using the asset. An operating lease is a rental with the depreciation benefits accruing for the lessor.

Finance Lease: It is an agreement that covers most of the functional lifespan of a business asset. In this case, the ownership of the asset rests with the lessee with the value shown on his balance sheet deducting depreciation.

Commercial Hire Purchase: In this case, the ownership of the asset rests with the lender, but the borrower has the opportunity to purchase the same through balloon payment structure at the end of the finance term. The asset appears on the lessee’s balance sheet excluding depreciation value.

Chattel Mortgage: It is somewhat close to a hire purchase, but it provides specific GST benefits.

Revolving Credit Facility: It offers a no-obligation revolving credit card that can be negotiated at any time. The revolving credit line does not require multiple applications and aims at catering to the needs of a customer over a time-period of 6-12 months.

For more information and to apply for truck finance in Perth, call us right away at 1300 011 311.