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Are you a small business owner or a sole trader looking for a car loan? If yes, lets GCC Business Finance help you find the suitable car finance deal for you. We offer a wide range of car finance solutions for individuals and companies looking for competitively priced car loans in Perth.

At GCC Business Finance, we have loan experts that help you find out the best solutions suiting your requirements and budget. Whether you want to purchase a new fleet, a company car or a work van, we offer bespoke solutions that help you save your time and money.

With the support of a number of financial institutions, our professionals can arrange cheap car loans in Perth. All you have to do is provide us all your financial related information needed to approve you application quickly. Depending upon the given information, a car loan is achieved through below-mentioned methods.

Full Doc

It is meant for those borrowers who can provide serviceability with up-to-date detailed financial statement covering a minimum of two financial years.

Low Doc

This financial solution is primarily designed for ABN holders who are self-employed or run a small business. If you fall under said category and don’t have documents like tax returns or final account summaries, low do is in ideal solution for you. At GCC Business Finance we work with a number of financial and banking institutes that make us provide you with car finance in Perth that exactly suit your requirement.

Under this category, you are likely to get a number of benefits including:

  • GST and other tax bonuses
  • Balloon payments
  • Easy repayment structures
  • Fixed interest rates


This approach is suitable for those borrowers who have adverse credit history that make them ineligible for traditional car loan.

Therefore, whatever your motor vehicle requirement, GCC Business Finance has access to the most suitable car loans in Perth. Once you are associated with us, we make all possible efforts to provide you the best solution and set up repayments that complement your budget and requirement as well.

Call us to get more information or to apply for a car loan at reasonable interest rate, right away.

*With the effect of 1st August 2015, our current car loan rates start from 3.99%.